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if i hate your team, i hate your team.

dont try and say, “you’re just jealous that we have some of the best players in the league.” i dont care and im not jealous.

i just hate your team.

Real Madrid sign James Rodriguez


BREAKING: Real Madrid have agreed an €81million fee with AS Monaco for James Rodríguez.

- Football News Now


World cup is kinda like tourist season for the tumblr football fandom like suddenly our population is increased with thousands of blogs, everyone on here cares and our posts gets shit loads of notes and then it ends and bam we’re back to being the invisible fandom that no one could care less about


i think it’s insulting when a guy doesn’t believe that you watch football and then attempts to catch you out by asking you to name the players in your team

Tips for being a football fan: #8


Social priorities? Parties? School? Family events? Lol forget about them